Truth About Doug Grant

Making a mess a message

On May 15, 2009 Doug Grant was sentenced to five years in prison for manslaughter. But rather than being the end of a story, it is really the beginning.

The real story that needs to be told is how a prosecution can suddenly spring to life seven years after an event took place—and after the initial investigator and coroner reported nothing remotely suspicious about the event.

The answer lies in a tangle of political connections, prosecutorial misconduct and a jury that is kept in the dark.

This story needs to be told because it is, unfortunately, a story that happens over and over in America today. Even when a prosecutor is eventually fired and disbarred—as happened to the prosecutor in Doug’s case—the people who were wrongfully prosecuted still serve their sentences.

On this website—put together by friends and supporters of Doug—we will cover the details of this case that were left out by sensational media coverage.

In our effort to do this we will not only cover the dishonest and aggressive prosecution against Doug Grant, but will provide statistical info and research that other “court reform” advocates have already published.

We believe most Americans would be shocked to learn that a judge can grant a prosecutor 14 weeks to present a case while limiting the defense to just two weeks. It goes against our sense of fair play and everything that America is supposed to stand for. But this happened in the Doug Grant trial, and it happens to many other accused Americans.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is our hope that by providing the facts in this case, and all the related information, that we will contribute in some small way to exposing a serious problem.

In short, we hope to make a mess a message.