Truth About Doug Grant

Timeline to Travesty

To learn about aspects of the Doug Grant trial that weren’t covered in the media, start here. Follow the timeline and see how the original incident investigator had to be removed, and the original coroner’s report manipulated, in order for the case to move forward. Next the prosecutor is replaced, key evidence somehow disappears, the star witness disappears, and the lead detective admits to lying.

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Media Coverage

The Doug Grant trial received significant media attention, including national coverage by “investigative” shows such as Dateline Mysteries. These shows reduce complex stories into short presentations, often sacrificing important details for sensationalism. Fortunately some print publications, such as Phoenix New Times raised questions about police dishonesty and prosecutorial misconduct.

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Legacy of Misconduct

The prosecutor in the Doug Grant case, Juan Martinez, was finally disbarred in July 2020. Prior to this is a destructive history of unethical behavior and complaints never followed-up by his superiors. Though Martinez’s misconduct only became national news during the Jodi Arias trial, watchdog groups like the ACLU had been pushing for disciplinary action against him for a number of years.

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